educational resources

For the past 15 years, Andy has been committed to educating the younger generation and encouraging their growing passion for music.

He ghost-wrote the mixing and tutorial sections for International DJ Danny Rampling’s ‘How To DJ book.

He has run production and dance music masterclasses and DJ workshops. He has been responsible for setting up a number of ‘Soul Groups’ in the St. Albans area which specialise in equipping young people to sing close harmony in a small combo as well as working with local Jazz Veteran Bob Power to set up S.T.A.J.E. (St. Albans Jazz Ensemble) which runs regular workshop courses and concerts.

Staje in concert at the St. Albans Abbey Theatre







Andy has built up a comprehensive library of arrangements and specially tailored editions for use with his various groups and individual students. These include transcriptions of standard function-band repertoire, well known theme tunes, Jazz standards and Classical pieces

Andy also runs a fully subscribed and successful private practice as well as teaching in schools.

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