live playing

Andy started playing piano at the tender age of 5. He studied classical music through school and university, but then embraced both Jazz and contemporary styles from 1998 onwards. His specialty lies mainly in Jazz-funk and Soul. As well as playing piano & keyboards, Andy is a trained vocalist.

His playing has taken him to France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Poland as well as all over the UK.

Andy has played as part of numerous bands and live outfits from Classical and Jazz to Soul and Pop including taking the m.d. role in Artizan Music’s live Soul band Poetiquette.

Andy also studied both violin and organ in his early years, but has recently taken up the bass as a second study instrument to the piano.

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Photo of Andy DJing New Years Eve 2010 at Uptown BoogiedownPhoto of Andy playing keys live at Cargo with Artizan Music's PoetiquetteClose-up of Andy's live keys set-up using Roland keyboards