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Cover art for Rare Unit's Before I Can Love Again on Kwaito RecordingsAndy's Touch of Jazz E.P. on Kwaito RecordingsLabel art for Jafar & Touch release on Hustle Music with Marcus BeggCover art for Remix of Rithma's PepperTreeCover art for Jafar & Touch remix of Demarkus Lewis- Don't Stop Believing on Artizan Music





Andy’s love affair with dance music happened in the mid 1980’s when he discovered pirate radio and Pete Tong’s famous ‘Soul Session’ show on Capital FM. A passion for underground music quickly materialised into a record collection and a pair of Technics SL1210’s, but in the late 1990’s Andy took this a stage further when he joined respected D&B imprint Odysee Recording’s head honcho Tilla Kemal.

As a part of the Odysee label, Andy cut his studio production teeth and worked with both Tilla and Odysee partner Graham Gathern (Invincible/MJazz). As well as the in-house productions, he remixed Nostramus ‘Hero Of Bamboostick’ for local-run Jolt Recordings and was also brought in as part of their session team.

Over the past 15 years, Andy has set up both the Kwaito and Artizan Music record labels with partner Jafar as well as heading up the live soul outfit Poetiquette. He has had releases on a numerous labels including his debut release on Kwaito ‘Touch Of Jazz’ e.p. which was top tune of the month in IDJ magazine. The Kwaito/Artizan team were also responsible for the infamous Hasselhoff Scandal parties at the Brixton Telegraph where the Knightrider himself put in an appearance!

As a DJ, Andy (Andy ‘Touchfingers’) has had the privilege of playing alongside the likes of Norman Jay, Ramsey, Derrick Carter, Jonny Fiasco, Joey Youngman, Stuart Patterson, Gene Farris and many others in a vast number of prestigious venues including The Ministry Of Sound, Neighbourhood, Turnmills, The Warehouse (Edmonton) Cargo, Player Sessions (Leeds) and the Sunday Soulsonic (Notting Hill Arts Club) to name but a few.

Below is a short showreel of some of Andy’s productions and remixes. To contact regarding licensing or signing material, commissioning work or remixes Click here to contact.

Andy ‘Touch Fingers’- Falling (All vocals & production by Andy Baddaley)

Cover art for Neo Soul Track Falling






Cloaking Device Remix of Future London (Odysee) (All production by Andy Baddaley)

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Jafar & Touch- The Undeniable Truth feat. Rich Medina (All production by Andy Baddaley & Alex Teniewski-Elliot)

Label art for Jafar & Touch featuring Rich Medina- The Truth on Artizan Music





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Poetiquette- Not Complaining feat. Hannah Khemoh (All production by Andy Baddaley- Vocals written by Hannah Khemoh)

Cover art for Poetiquette L.P. Lyrically Speaking





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The Smoke- Bone Sucking Sauce (Jafar & Touch Remix) (All production by Andy Baddaley & Alex Teniewski-Elliot)

Cover art for Jafar & Touch remix of The smoke- Bone Sucking Sauce on Artizan Music





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